3 Common Mistakes in Choosing the Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette is one of the most difficult tasks in revamping the interior. 

You have to consider the style, personal preferences, the size of the room you are renovating, and several other aspects. We’re not going to teach you how to choose the right colour. Instead, we’ll tell you what to avoid


  • Forget Lighting


People often forget about lighting when choosing colours for interior design. But light is very important in any space. Limit yourself to three or four colours that you particularly like and get paint samples. 

Before making a final decision paint part of the wall. See how it looks in the daylight, and during the night. 


  • Monotony 


Do not be afraid of serenity and uniqueness. Many designers are suspicious to use red, yellow and purple. They consider these colours bright and defiant. Evading! Yellow is the colour of the sun and joy, orange is the colour of love, red is the colour of passion and health. Go ahead and apply them.


  • Decoration Colour Identical to Dominant Objects in Space


If you want to emphasize objects in the room, decorate them in a lighter and nuanced tone of the same colour. An entirely identical colour closes the space. Besides, what you want to emphasize remains untied. With dark furniture, choose brighter shades of carpet, decorative pillows and curtains.


If you have any questions, please contact us through the website. Our experts’ team will help you with colour palette selection.

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