Common Stumbling Points in Painting

Common Stumbling Points in Painting When the walls of your apartment desperately need painting, you may be tempted to apply the Do-It-Yourself method. But practice makes a master! And who has more practice than designers who choose colours for other people’s apartments? Screwed up and learned what to avoid.

Mistakes Start When Buying Paint 

Do you know that colour looks different depending on the light? Do you know that the colour will change when it dries? Consult professionals at paint stores to find out how many times you should coat. 

White Colour

White always has a little grey in it. So, it might look dead. Choose a gentle cream colour for the ceiling. It will bring warmth and light to the room.

Different kind of whites

Different kind of whites

Before choosing any shades of paints you can preview them on our suppliers’ websites. For example, Dulux has a paint colour chart Page that you can preview about ‘fifty shades of whites’ or ‘fifty shades of grey’ before you decide. 

Bad Roller and Brush

This mistake can cost you the good look of your apartment. So choose carefully. The painter’s advice is not to save on brushes. 

Walls are Not Flattened Before Painting 

You can’t leave the walls unflattened. After painting, it will look messy. Or it won’t look like anything. 

You must also clean the walls. Bright colour won’t cover dirt or pencil trail. Leave the job to the painter.


Neutral Colours are Enough

In a room filled with beige and cream tones, you must have something shiny and something black. It will allow you to make a personal seal. That means you must be brave!

Not only the colour is crucial to the appearance, but also the finishing layer – light, matte… Dark colours can look disrespectful without a great finishing layer. You will achieve that with the top-notch preparation. Don’t skip the layers of the primer. 

Think twice about inviting professionals.

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